OPEN HEART SEMINARS sponsors lectures, workshops, seminars, retreats and tape and book publications. Each program and publication is designed to enhance spiritual awareness in our culture, and to cultivate a deeper appreciation of the preciousness and opportunities of our human lives.

“We seek to give every individual an expanded sense of who they are, an enhanced awareness of their connection with others and with the Universe, and a clear perception of their role as creator of their circumstances. These qualities reduce our habitual tendency to feel victimized. When that happens, love, joy, forgiveness, and peace become much more accessible, and our life experience can evolve from heaviness, drudgery, and despair to excitement, enthusiasm, grace, and gratitude.

No matter what our life circumstance is, we have the opportunity to turn it into a growthful, meaningful experience that tears down the walls surrounding our hearts, and opens us up to the boundless love and joy that is at the core of each of our beings”

John E. Welshons